Having worked in the realm of content marketing, traditional marketing and social media marketing, I have been asked this one, seemingly innocent, question more times than I can count. “Why Blog?”, the real question should be Why NOT Blog? Today, I will be covering the multitude of reasons you should blog, nay, you need to blog.

Adding Value To Your Business

Have you ever wondered how you can display the unspoken value of your business? How you can convey the message ‘we are so much more than JUST a children’s store’ or ‘I have more to share with you than just web design’? Don’t deny it, we all have. We all have amazing and beautiful messages to spread that will better the lives of our customers, clients, peers but we need to have a non-threatening, non-sales related platform to share that message on! Your Business Blog provides you with that medium! You have a virtually untapped platform to utilize to add value to your customers and your business, a space that allows you to display your authority! Use it.

Social Awareness

Have you ever been on Pinterest? Have you ever clicked through Facebook or Twitter to read a HuffPo, BuzzFeed or random blog post because it sounded intriguing? My guess is yes, yes, you have…because most of us have. Social Awareness has changed from discussions in the pick-up line at school to deeply enthralled in Social Media. Use your blog to create social awareness for your brand.

Highlighting Products and Services

If you’re in business you probably offer a product or a service (and if you don’t, teach me how to make money without one of these two things!). You’re good, no, great at what you do and you want the world to know! How do you tell everyone (short of screaming it from the roof tops) while highlighting how or why you’re great? A blog, duh, silly! Here is a prime example…I am a writer, a copy writer, a content creator, a blog writer – you name it, I can write it (aside from your college term paper, I will not write that!). It’s not a service that I highlight on my business page, but I do offer it as an upgrade to design clients and it’s included in my marketing packages, now my potential clients can view my grasp of the English language and my personal voice. (PS I will gladly help you with an copy upgrades you may need, hehe.)

Building Relationships

The number one sales technique ever taught – Build Relationships with your customers. When your potential client becomes your ‘friend’, they become your client. In building relationships we also develop trust and bonding. It’s much easier to get someone to invest in what you have to sell if they trust you. Use your blog to build relationships and develop trust.

Search Engine Optimization

Google. SEO is the term of the decade. How do you get on the front page of Google? SEO. How do you drive more business? SEO. How do you SEO? No one knows. Okay, that last part is not true, plenty of us know how to use SEO (and I will be teaching you the basics before the New Year)! Your blog is the equivalent of an all you can eat SEO Buffet! At the end of each blog post you write you can interject SEO terms to help your blog rank higher!

Blogging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I get that! It can be tedious, lack the excitement that you seek in your business or maybe you just hate to write, that’s okay! Hire me to write your blog posts for you but do not skip out on blogging!!

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