Hey! How has your first week of February been?

Here in Colorado we’ve had a MASSIVE snow storm, I sprained my ankle {can you say a whole week with no running?! aka slow torture}, I’ve spent time working with new and old clients. It’s been busy to say the least.
I spent Monday laying out my month, I’m a little {super} Type-A about this as I firmly believe that having a solid calendar is really important to the success of any business, especially when it comes to Marketing. It’s also vastly overlooked, in fact I hear quite often that an Editorial Calendar is for Bloggers not Business Owners. I’m calling Bullshit. You read that right, it’s not true! If you want to ROCK your Marketing like a Pro you need to bust out that pen and paper and start working on your editorial calendar!!
Here’s my cheat sheet to Marketing Calendar Bliss!!
  • Business Development
Pick one day to actually lay out your week, the tasks you need to accomplish, the time frame you have, deadlines, client projects, accounting..you name it- if it’s business related this is the day! It’s your CEO work!!
  • Webinars Scheduled and Laid Out
If you have a Course, Product or Event Launch coming up- lay out your webinars (this is Marketing Material and if you can make it evergreen and leave all the date/time specifics in the print material). When I say lay them out I mean- pick your subject, outline what you’re fixin’ to say all ready to roll. You should also schedule when you would like to record the Webinars so you have time to prepare yourself and kick everyone out of the office so it’s quiet!!
  • Pictures & Graphics
One of the best ways to grab attention is through Pictures and Graphics. Take an hour or two a month and hop on Picmonkey or Canva & create beautiful brand aligned imagery! Make sure that you format your images to Instagram and pop them in DropBox for easy access and sharability on Instagram!
  • Facebook Group Posts
I created a super fabulous Facebook Groups Guide and you can snag it here if you haven’t already!!
  • Social Media Posts
Have you ever sat there and stared Facebook, Twitter or Instagram down…thinkin’ Hot Damn I don’t know what to say…I’m uninspired. Or {even worse} realized at 10:30 at night you FORGOT to post?!?! If you spend 30 minutes a week you can write out all your posts and schedule them using Edgar, Hootesuite or Buffer!! Then you don’t have to worry about forgetting!
  • Email Blasts
My all time favorite Marketing tool…email. It’s fast, it’s easy, most people on your list will see it. Take a couple hours each month and layout your email blasts around your new launch and webinars! Also the perfect accruement to Facebook Ads!
  • Hashtag Bank for the Month 
Who doesn’t love Hashtags?! Use Hashtagify.me to create a Hashtag Bank each month and utilize new # on each Twitter & Insta posts!!
  • Self Development
You’re beautiful, valuable and could be getting burned out. Your business & marketing is dependent on the best version of you…so ya know…take care of yourself.
  • Ads
Spend a few hours each month laying out your Ad Spend, Wording, Graphics, Videos and Audiences for your Facebook Ads!
Obviously, your calendar should be in your order but keep it short and sweet. I’ve learned over the years that if you have too much on your calendar you lose flexibility and you won’t actually execute your Marketing projects.
If you need any help with reaching your goals, or have any questions about our Marketing Calendar Cheat Sheet, shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!!
PS Join our Facebook Group (have I mentioned that?!)

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