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Why Blog?

Having worked in the realm of content marketing, traditional marketing and social media marketing, I have been asked this one, seemingly innocent, question more times than I can …

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Blogging For Businesses

Hello Gorgeous! How are you today? I hope you're doing swimmingly! I know that as I sit here with my luke warm cup of coffee- hey, ya know, personal preference and what not, I …

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How To Build Your Visual Library!

True story: This morning as I was getting my make up on a former client called me, we keep in touch so I wasn't totally taken by surprise until she started speaking. She sounded …

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Marketing Calendar Cheat Sheet!

Hey! How has your first week of February been? Here in Colorado we've had a MASSIVE snow storm, I sprained my ankle {can you say a whole week with no running?! aka slow torture}, …

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Do You Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram can be a confusing and quirky social media space, that seems to be chock full of hipsters and square shaped photos that all appear olde time style. However, when utilized …

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Guidelines for Guest Blogging

Submitting blog posts to larger syndications is a great way to establish yourself and/or your business as an industry leader. Here are 5 tips for getting published 1- Know the …

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