Hi, I'm Samantha and I am the founder of Department 27!

Where to start? I am a nomad of sorts, I have lived in 5 different states and traveled to many different countries. One of the things that I learned at a very young age was that most small businesses, entrepreneurs and dreamers have a concept that could change the world, or at least their world...but they don't have the support they need to take that concept to market. I understood this even more as I grew up and realized that my passion, my dream, was to help others succeed, grow and have astonishing businesses. 

Over the past decade I have gone from a Mommy Blogger, to a Corporate Influencer, to the owner of a Marketing and Design Firm. It took me a while but one of my first designers told me - Girl, you're going places, you will do great things. I can just tell. - she was right. 

I am more than the owner of a firm though, I am a mother of 4 kids, an artist, a believer, a traveler. 2016 was a huge year for me- a year that I got divorced and became a single mother, a year that I started to understand my value, a year that I was able to help others understand theirs. In 2017 I plan to continue this path of light and love and passion! 

In 2017 I hope to work with you, to help you realize your value. To help you grow.



Megan Block-Brewer (Head Social Media Content Creator)

has been a writer for the past six years and is the Editor in Chief for an online magazine for women called Daily Mom. She is also a photographer in the Denver area. She has her degree in Human Services, but she's never worked in the social work profession because she adores writing and photography too much. Megan is a diehard University of Michigan football fan, and loves trashy reality TV shows and has a huge soft spot in her heart for the two tiny humans she created.